SXSW: Center Stage


Written by Smirryn Gutierrez

South By Southwest better known as SXSW is an event that last 9 days and it has been happening for 29 years every March in Austin, Texas. It is an event where great minds and influential people come together for a common interest. This event has interactive sessions relating to music and film where speakers get to give pep talks and pour their knowledge on a particular subject.

As for the music side of this event, it is a great opportunity to learn about the future of the music industry. During the day there are many things to attend such as panels, talks, the Trade Show, and the Music Gear Expo. At night there are a mixture of over 2, 200 regional, international and national music performances that take place at the SXSW Music Festival.

This event is a great opportunity to network because media giants, publishers, writers, managers, agents, bloggers, labels, manufacturers, and fans attend. There has been an amazing amount of lifetime connections made. Thanks to this event and the connections made people have benefited and helped each other in the music industry.

There are 28 different music genres that consist of country, electronic, pop, r&b, and rock to name a few. The music artist in the hip-hop/rap genre include 2chainz, Anonymous, B.o.B, E-40, Trinidad James and Wale to name a few. There are so many artist coming together for this event from well known artist to up and coming artist.

SXSW’s music part of the event will begin Tuesday, March 17 and last until Sunday, March 22. The price for the music badge only is $895. There are many other badges available that can give you access to everything or only an specific venue.

To learn more about SXSW and see what they are all about click the links below:

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