Phenom: Independent Spotlight


Written by: Smirryn Gutierrez

Phenom is an up and coming Hip Hop artist that is following his dreams of one day making it big in the industry. He is a hard working individual who works, goes to school and has a social life but does not lose sight of his dreams.

“School, work, and life in general eat up the majority of the hours in my week… But not for a split second am I slacking. Every chance I get I’m in the lab. Everyday I’m learning, growing, and creating.” – Phenom

His music speaks loud. Music for him tells a story. His music is about his experiences in life such as virtues and struggles which many people can easily sympathize and empathize with.

He produces and writes his own songs in his bedroom. He lives, breathes and sleeps music.

Phenom is an independent artist who promotes himself through social media accounts. He has a growing number of fans that support his ambition by watching his music videos, listening and downloading his music.

Phenom loves music and what music represent in the lives of those who listen. He keeps God, family and friends close because they are his motivation.

Show love. Listen and download his music for free below:

Other places to listen and watch:

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