Atmosphere: Independent Spotlight

atmosphereWritten By: Lilia Esnayra

In the underground hip hop world very few artists have achieved the success and longevity as the group Atmosphere.

In the late 1980’s in Minneapolis, Minnesota rapper Sean “Slug” Daly, producer/DJ Anthony “Ant” Davis,

and former member D-Spawn formed the group “Urban Atmosphere” which was later shortened to Atmosphere.

Their 1998 release Overcast! is viewed by many as a classic, the album put them on the map thanks to Slug’s deeply profound lyrics about everyday life and his relationships.

 Since the 1990’s the group has released seven studio albums allowing them to become classics in the underground hip hop world of music. Most of their music has been inspired through hardships and emotions. The relationship aspect of their music has allowed them to create music that touches the souls of their fans and listeners. As seen on their album Lucy Ford the album revolves around relationship with an ex as and a long lost love. The new Southsiders album has the same aspect except in a different way as the artist’ lives have changed. The strong lyrics leaves them to have one of the best albums released on 2014.

The underground hip hop group has toured all over the world including Europe. In the beginning it is said that the group drove across the country play shows. Today we can catch them at some of the most prominent venues around the world. The groups latest tour consist ranges from Austin TX.  All the way to New York City. The underground hip hop group has set the standard for poet genius as well as dynamic lyricism. A classic indeed, they have taken over the underground hip hop world and don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

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