RBL Posse


Lesson To Be Learned – Classic Hip-Hop Album from the Bay Area

Bay Area rap duo formed at the beginning of the 1990s, RBL Posse (short for Ruthless By Law) was originally founded by Black C and Mr. Cee (RIP).Their hit record “Don’t Give Me No Bammer” off their first album Ruthless by Law is a classic. And was recently remade by Wiz Khalifa in his newest single paying homage to the legendary Bay Area Hip-Hop Group.

“Don’t Give Me No Bammer” has also been featured on the T.V. Show Grown-ish. They continue to have an impact on listeners and viewers with a loyal fanbase.

RBL Posse has sold half a million copies of their first 2 albums, Lesson to Be Learned and Ruthless by Law. Spotify Monthly listeners at 120,777 and followers of 66,322.



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