Mayde formerly known as NautilusMC, Born as Maynard Okereke in Austin,TX, has lived a life embedded in music, culture, and personal struggle. The combination of his West African roots and adolescent upbringing in the Northwest state of Washington, have given him many diverse influences that are clearly reflected in his music.


His recent projects after a brief layaway from the music scene, plus his distinct sound and message behind his emotionally fired anthems, have generated a lot of buzz for the NW artist.  His local mixtape projects have received tremendous attention and downloads from both his strong local fan base as well as nationally. The release of his independent album DayDreamin’ set a new standard for NW hip hop and propelled him to the forefront of talented West Coast artists.


Mayde’s current endeavors into the acting scene in Hollywood along with the music videos for his singles “So Intnl” & “Lettin’ Go,” have further built him a strong online presence. He looks to separate himself even further with the success of his new project “Visions of a Dreamer”, which features an array of emotionally charged, mood inspiring tracks and notable production credits.


With so many other cities hitting the forefront and establishing their musical presence, Mayde is focused and ready to put not only the city of Seattle, but the entire West Coast on the map. With the backing of many other solid up and coming artists and producers in the NW melting pot of talent, Nautilus is thirsty to establish his name in the elite group of MC’s worldwide.

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