The Marshall Mathers LP 2 Review

Review written by: Nate Sherman

Upon listening to the release of The Marshall Mathers LP 2, I can boldly say that Eminem proves once again why he is one of the greatest in the history of rap music. It seems just like yesterday when I was a young boy and I heard the My Name Is track for the first time and thinking how tight it was. I was amazed that this white boy was behind this catchy song that everybody was hooked on. That was 1998.

Since that time, we have seen Eminem evolve as an artist and to this day he is still laying down dope music. This LP is just insane; from the seemingly never ending rhymefest, the slew of creative wordplay, and all the way down to the raw aggression that Em always puts out, listening to this album was like watching an action thriller; the action just never stops from one scene to the next. Eminem brought his A game, and just about every track on this album is a humdinger (When is the last time you remember anyone using this word? Don’t remember? You’re welcome).

The album features many hot tracks including Berzerk and Rap God and collaborations with the likes of Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Skylar Grey, & Nate Ruess. I like that Em choose to collab with these artists for this album because there is a new flavor to these tracks than his usual collabs with Dre and the like. I just want to say that Eminem and Kendrick Lamar tore the Love Game track a new one. Track was a bit chauvinistic in nature, but it doesn’t deter from the sheer awesomeness of Em and Kendrick going in on beast mode and producing a quality track.  These two lyrically, make such a raw tandem and I look forward to hearing future collabs featuring these two.

I mentioned how creative Eminem’s wordplay is on this album and it is no secret how great he is at this. I shouldn’t be amazed by this at this stage of his career, but damn it just wows me every time I hear him spit. The way he says these clever rhymes just comes off so natural when I listen to him. Just listen to Rhyme of Reason and tell me that rhyming for this man isn’t as simple as reciting the alphabet.

With this album, Marshall Mathers threw a left hook at me with his devious lyrics, followed with the rhyme control and clever wordplay one two punch, and as if I even stood a chance after all of this, this album effortlessly knocked me flat on my ass with a fatal blow of raw aggression that holds no punches. After this album, Eminem truly is a rap God. Treat your ears and go out and listen to this album; this is Eminem at his best.

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