Independent Spotlight 11/6/13: JproD

Article written by: Nate Sherman

If you all don’t mind, we gone keep this week’s Independent Spotlight real trill by putting the spotlight on a young rapper named JproD (jeopardy). JproD is a unique cat that does not want to limit himself strictly to rap music as he categorizes his music as “lifestyle music.”

“I feel that I am much more than just a rapper. I feel I am a music artist. I am influenced through all types of music. If you were to ever see me around the way, you would see my actions and my lingo really do reflect what I am giving you in my music,” says JproD.

JproD feels that his music has major crossover potential and what I like most about this guy is that his lyrics are relatable and they are written expressions of how he feels at a particular moment in time.

“I like to think I am rare, at least as a hip hop artist. I feel like everyone tries so hard to fit the ‘Hip Hop’ image,” says JproD.

JproD makes it clear that he does not have any intention of changing who he is as a rapper and as a person to conform to an image that has seemed to be widely accepted in the hip hop industry of flaunting money and women. He understands the nature of the music business but he is not willing to compromise himself or his craft because he is dedicating his life to his music. He does not want to present someone other than himself as he is real and his music is genuine.

“My goal is to transcend rap. To make it every race or culture’s favorite music,” says JproD.

One thing that JproD feels separates himself from other artists today is his ability to adapt. Throughout his life, JproD has had the pleasure of being around many cultures of people, which he feels heightens his ability to connect with a wide range of people through his music. He also wants to be the voice for all of the underdogs who have their backs against the wall.

“I try to be the voice for those who may feel up against odds or feel like a black sheep. I put things in perspective for them. I either put a humorous twist on a bad situation or I dive deep into the feeling and show the silver lining,” says JproD.

JproD thinks that the new generation of rappers and his generation in general get a bad rap and are misunderstood by generations before. We are in a day and age where most of the content being produced in today’s music is being perceived as non-nonsensical and counter-productive as far as uplifting society. JproD doesn’t hide the fact that he talks about topics such as smoking, drinking, sex, and luxury, but he wants to make it clear that this is not something he is trying to promote but rather explain his lifestyle. He also makes it a point to also talk about being educated and chasing your dreams.

“I want to be a role model, in the sense that I want people to feel they can achieve their dream. I want people to be comfortable with who they are and not be afraid to be different. Different is trill. Trill is real. Real is respected,” says JproD.

It is no question to JproD that music is what he was born to do.

Look out for JproD’s upcoming project Regal. You can sample two songs from the album titled A Million Feelings and Trill Shit, I Really Mean That. These are two cool tracks and I am sure the entire album will be just as flavorful and trill to the ear.

Follow JproD on Twitter:

Check out two releases off of JproD’s upcoming project Regal:

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