Independent Spotlight 10/31/13: Yak Dollaz


Article written by: Nate Sherman

There are so many great Hip-Hop artists the world over and this week, I want to look North of the border to shine the light on Edmonton, Alberta Canada native Yak Dollaz. Yak was born and raised on the South Side of Edmonton and is a place he lays his hat to this day. The origin of the name Yak Dollaz originates from Yak’s original name Finanac (pronounce fin-a-yak), which is a drink that Yak regularly consumes. The name was shortened to Yak and due to his never-ending ambition to make money, tacking on Dollaz to the back of Yak was only right.  As a rapper in today’s Hip-Hop landscape, Yak feels that he has so much to offer to the game and through his rhymes, he speaks his truths.

Yak puts his skills on another level and compares his style and energy to the Matrix where he is the pill that takes his listeners through an alternate universe that presents to them a glimpse of the true reality of the underbelly of the streets of Edmonton. What I think makes Yak Dollaz’s style so unique is that it is not strictly Hip-Hop, but a hybrid of so many different genres of music including funk, R&B, reggae, soul, rock, and even classical music.

I have listened to samples of Yak’s music and he no doubt has some certified bangers including Break It Down and Let Me Know, which is a track from he and Dubz’s album Queens & Purple Prime Ministers, which you can check out and download here.

In addition to being an extremely gifted rapper, Yak is also the CEO of his own record label, On Track Records. Yak’s credits his early influences to legends like Public Enemy, Run DMC, LL Cool J, and Paris. Today, his music is heavily influenced by the likes of E-40 and the Southern sounds of UGK, Three Six Mafia, Paul Wall, and Chamillionaire.

This Edmonton native is a promising artist with amazing rhymes and infectious music that I believe many should check out simply because what Yak has put out is different and worth a listen. I am fairly certain that Yak Dollaz will be taking many of his followers on a trip through his alternate universe through his music for the foreseeable future. Show your support for Yak by going along for the ride.

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2 comments on “Independent Spotlight 10/31/13: Yak Dollaz
  1. JOOSE says:

    Check the track I wanna be a Balla by Yak Dollaz

  2. JOOSE says:

    Also first artist to be signed to COB Canada

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