Center Stage 10/25/13: Yeah They’re Sexy…But You’re Trash

Article written by: Nate Sherman

We’ve all seen the music videos. You know, the ones where the rappers are either in the strip club making it rain or the video girls are scantily clad and twerking something fierce. I’m not going to lie, I much like any other red-blooded male enjoy seeing these vivacious women gyrating in the videos. Hell, when you go to urban hip-hop sites like World Star Hip Hop, 9 times out of 10, the first video you go to is the thumbnail with the sexy woman strategically placed there to lure you to click and check out the music videos. My thing is, thank God for the sexy women in the videos because if it weren’t for them, nearly half of the rappers’ music videos I see posted on some of these urban hip-hop sites aren’t worth checking out. This week I want to address whack rappers and their tendency to use video models and scantily clad women in their videos to get themselves noticed.

Now I am not going to say that every rapper I’ve seen use video models in their videos are trash because that would just be a flat out untrue statement. Many of the mainstream artist we know today have at some point used the sexy allure of women in their music videos at one time or another. This isn’t even the issue. My issue is with these rappers who are obviously trash (and they know it) and have no damn business even stepping foot into a studio to begin with let alone be making rap videos. I’ve about had enough of mush mouth, nonsensical idiots trying their hand at being a “rap superstar” because they were bullshitting around with their boys one afternoon and made one coherent rhyme about a girls cakes looking as good as a bowl of Frosted Flakes.

It’s no secret that sex sells, and a lot of these jokers are smart enough to know that by putting gorgeous ladies in their video is going to get them a lot of exposure. Believe it or not, when I see the thumbnail with the gorgeous video girl, I click to view these music videos not only to check out the gorgeous video girls but I actually want to see if by some chance, and I’m making up a rapper’s name here, Verza Tyle is any good. I want to see if Verza Tyle is actually a talented lyricist and just used women in his videos to direct fans of hip-hop to the next great undiscovered rapper. In some cases you do run across some decent artists, but most of the hip-hop artist that I see using video girls to bait us to their videos are nothing but pure garbage.

Let me put it to you like this, if Verza Tyle were any good to begin with, he wouldn’t need to shoot his video at the King of Diamonds in Atlanta. If Verza Tyle were actually a versatile rapper, he would use creativity to produce his music video that would better showcase his versatility as a rapper. By the time the video ends and the women are done shaking their thing throughout the whole video, what purpose did the video serve in getting yourself noticed if I don’t know your name and I don’t give a damn about what the hell you’ve been rapping about for 3 minutes and 54 seconds? What does that say about you as a rapper when the lasting impression after watching your video among the majority of viewers is, “this nigga is trash, but DAMN did you see ole’ girl at 1:48?” Sorry to break it to the Verza Tyles of the world, but you aren’t going to make waves if your videos are being watched on mute. Let’s be real, no one clicks on these videos to see and hear a bunch of cornballs rapping about how fat their pockets are; they clicked to see how phat the woman’s ass is in the thumbnail.

I’m practically on my knees pleading with you whack rappers to either stop wasting your time trying to mask how terrible you really are or come out the gate with something creative that better showcases your ability as a rapper. That is all I am asking for at this point. I hate to sound frustrated, but this crap is getting ridiculous because there is just too much of it at this point and I am screaming for something different because every new artist is starting to sound the same and talk about the same redundant crap. It’s not even a bad thing to have sexy women in your video, I just want to see their sexiness being utilized in different roles other than a booty popping stripper wearing next to nothing. Sexy can be perceived in different ways depending on the way sexy is presented. If you rappers are going to be whack then at least be more creative and original in the way you present your videos if not for anything else, to make yourself stand out. Shoot your videos at the local strip joint is played out! I know it’s cost efficient as far as production goes, but even if it fits the theme of your video, at least try to think outside of that bubble that so many other rappers seem to be caught up in.

Yes we get it, the women in your video are unbelievably sexy and I couldn’t resist the thumbnail, but as far as I am concerned, a lot of you rappers have no business even calling yourselves rappers. So please, don’t quit your day job…if you even have one.

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