Zoolay: Independent Spotlight




Written by Marco Negrete


The group Zoolay is hip-hop group from Los Angeles, California. Zoolay was formed in 2007 by two Mc’s, Don Ron and iLL-1. Zoolay had a third member but he was removed from the group because of his “poor work habit” and “unsatisfactory business game.”


Zoolay released their first mixtape in 2008 called “The Ape Tape.” This was Zoolay’s debut in the Los Angeles underground scene. “The Ape Tape” gained a lot of street-buzz and high recognition which allowed the group to move forward and take things to a higher level.


On October 2010 Zoolay released “Blood, Sweat and Beers.” The project was an instant success and that it revolutionized the band’s movement. Zoolay’s fan base began to spread beyond the Los Angeles area. Zoolay worked with T.H.X. Beats who is Drop City Yacht Club’s premiere producer. T.H.X. Beats is known for working with artist like Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Murs, David Banner, and Problem.


On March 16 Zoolay released “Still Living Proof EP.” The project is meant to pay homage to Group Home’s classic album which was produced by DJ Premier. Zoolay’s “Still Livin Proof EP” was entirely produced by THXbeats of Drop City Yacht Club who re-created the album’s instrumentals without the use of any samples or loops.


When referring to the album Zoolay said, “While in the studio with THX of Drop City Yacht Club, we were discussing our favorite 90s hip-hop albums and soon realized that LIVIN PROOF LP by Group Home was a favorite of ours. So why not make a project paying homage to DJ Premier, Lil Dap and Melachi, shedding a little more light on this hip hop masterpiece?”


Zoolay has connections with underground artists such as Plantet Asia, Blame One, Roc-C, Psycho-Les of The Beatnuts, LMNO and more. Zoolay is a talented group with a bright future. Make sure to check them out.












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