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MURS – Independent Spotlight

By Lilia Esnayra The world of underground hip hop has changed drastically over the years. One things for sure the talent that the industry has put out is undeniable. Underground hip hop artist Murs first hit the scene in the

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Atmosphere: Independent Spotlight

Written By: Lilia Esnayra In the underground hip hop world very few artists have achieved the success and longevity as the group Atmosphere. In the late 1980’s in Minneapolis, Minnesota rapper Sean “Slug” Daly, producer/DJ Anthony “Ant” Davis, and former member D-Spawn formed the group “Urban Atmosphere” which was later shortened to Atmosphere. Their 1998 release Overcast! is viewed by many as a classic, the album put them on the map thanks to Slug’s deeply profound lyrics about everyday life and his relationships.  Since the 1990’s the group has released seven studio albums allowing them to become classics in the underground hip hop world of music. Most of their music has been inspired through hardships

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Now Booking Sapient

Sapient has been an influential voice in the Northwest music scene for the past ten years. An exquisite and high energy live performance has taken him across the world, leaving onlookers captive until he exits the stage. His songs are

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