Syar Dali

Hometown: Harlem, NY
Genres: Songwriter / Vocalist / Musician

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Syar DaLi was born and raised in Harlem, NY (5 blocks away from where ASAP Rocky lived). Facing less than humane societal ills on the daily, Syar’s turned to his talents as he endured unspeakable amounts of hardships. He left his guardians at the age of 15 hoping to create a better life for himself outside of the projects of New York. Leaving saved his life, while illegal substance abuse, criminality and Aids decimated most of the family he knew and loved.

After avoiding death on 3 separate occasions (2 Tragic Car Accidents & a crossfire shootout) where he lost dear friends in all cases. Syar decided living his dreams will be his only option. Music became his sanctuary as he steadily honed his craft. His versatility can be attributed to his nomadic travels of the U.S., living throughout the North, South, East and Western regions.

His German-Born Middle School teacher Mr. McArthur stumbled upon some of his poems and short stories nicknaming Syar “DaLi”; After ‘Salvador Dali’ the famous surrealist painter best known for using striking and bizarrely imaginative images in his art as well as indulging in unusual and grandiose behavior. Things Mr. McArthur found quite akin to SyaR – even as an early teen.

Possessing a Raw “Magnetism” & “Energy” unmatched by any in his genre. Syar’s words touch the ears like Salvador Dali’s paintings and sculptures toy with the psyche. His uncanny styles & word play remind you of the genius keyboard playing of Thelonious Monk. DaLi’s energy is always turned up on another plateau whenever he is performing. It has been said, “A Picture is worth a thousand Words.” Well many have exclaimed, “Syar Dali’s Words conjures up a thousand Pictures.” His delivery and wordplay is both unorthodox and thought provoking, simultaneously touching the listener with emotion and a time-less message sure to live on long after he’s gone.

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