Born: Trinidad & Tobago
Genre(s): Dubstep
Social Media



Leslyn was born on the little island of Trinidad and Tobago. At a young age it was very clear to her parents that singing and music was the essence of her heart. Before she could properly speak she sang.  Even though she proved to be an intelligent child in her high school years the only classes she passed were art and vocal. She would spend late nights at a local studio and sing hooks for local up and coming rappers. When asked what she planned for her future due to her failing grades she would always say “I can’t see myself doing anything else but singing” . What she didn’t know was that the time she spent in the studio was practice for what was to come.  After graduating high school instead of going to collage like the rest of her peers Leslyn took a cosmetology course and used her trade to not only get behind the scenes of other artists music videos but to also shape her image. It was there she came up with her signature white hair.  Behind the scenes Leslyn took note and made vital connections that would later down the road put her in the right direction. Years later after countless emails, non stop classical vocal training and searching Leslyn finally contacted a producer whom she found on craigslist. After the first meeting Joe Wize and Leslyn became inseparable.  In later weeks Leslyn released her debut single “Young Wild and Free”…and that was only the beginning.

Check out Leslyn’s music on Soundcloud

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