Denzil Porter

Hometown: Bronx, NY
Genres: Hip Hop
Social Media



Denzil Porter was born on April 30, 1988 in the Bronx, New York to Jamaican parents.  His passion for Hip-Hop music developed at a young age as a third grader, spending afternoons rapping in the park with friends.  Back in 2002 while in high school, Denzil Porter, named Young Flame at the time for how hot his lyrics were for his young age, began freestyling and battling, defeating almost every competitor he faced during ciphers in the lunchroom and on train rides.  Amidst his rising celebrity were chaos and his parents’ divorce, which fueled his drive and pushed him even harder to succeed. His passion for music was solidified as a young teen when he found solace in writing while going through the tough time of his parents’ separation.


At just 14 years old Denzil recorded his first song at a local studio on 161st  street and would continue sneaking there against his parents disapproval, just to be apart of the environment.  On Denzil’s 16th birthday he was given $60 from his father to throw a party.  Charging $2 per person, Denzil raised $210 and purchased his first microphone, stand and mixer. He cleared out his closet, built a computer from scratch and created his first studio.  He had his hand in everything and was still recording music, charging $15 an hour for a session.  From the success of Denzil’s first party, he learned the power of promotion and brought together those in the area he grew up with to form WreckHouse Entertainment.


In 2006, WreckHouse received much recognition and fame after recording and performing their hit “Shorty Think She Wifey” at a Truman High School talent show and became the buzz of high schools all over the Bronx.  Later that year, WreckHouse released their first mixtape, which sold out its first week.  With profit made from their mixtape, WreckHouse began throwing large parties and events in the Bronx’s most popular nightclubs.


Success continued to follow Denzil when his self-written and self- produced single “Boogie Down” became a viral hit, receiving over 30,000 plays on MySpace.  It became the unofficial Bronx anthem with lyrics that were straight to the point and easy to remember.


In 2007 Denzil won first place in the SRC/ UNIVERSAL “Faces In The Crowd” competition, despite being the youngest performer and first to go on out of the 17 acts scheduled to perform.  It was then that Denzil Porter and WreckHouse solidified their spot in the local music scene, becoming household names in the Bronx after winning New York’s premier showcase competition.


Denzil decided to take his show on the road and began performing at nightclubs.  Over the next two years he performed at clubs including Ashford and Simpson’s Sugar Bar, Blue Villa, Amazura and Dazzles.  He also performed at Ballers Night Club with Jabba of Massive B and Cypha Sounds of Big Dog Pitbulls, both from Hot 97.1 radio station.


It wasn’t until 2008 that Denzil decided to release his first solo mixtape On My Way Home, jam packed with powerful punch lines and wordplay, something very different from the “get light” music popular at the time.  In 2009 Denzil upped the ante and recorded two music videos for his smash singles “Escape to Happiness” and “Slow Down” with high school friend and videographer Kyle Williams.

In his short career Denzil Porter has reached great heights like opening for distinguished artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Beenie Man and Bounty Killer.  The Internet has added extra momentum to his career through a number of websites including Real Talk NY, Rap Radar, Vlad TV, Nah Right and Nike Talk.  Particularly, his appearance on World Star Hip Hop that received over 51,000 views and 600 comments, made it clear that people were paying attention to him.  His web hits were all in addition to his radio interviews and appearances with AllHipHop Radio, Spate Radio, Royal Radio and Real Deal Fm to name a few.

Denzil Porter’s newest mixtape entitled Live from the Other Side dropped on July 5, 2010 with notable singles like “Candy Man”, “The Reasons” and “Uptown”.  On October 1, 2010 Denzil released his climatic song “Intuition” in honor of National HIV/AIDS Awareness Month.  In December 2010, the video to “Intuition” was released during World AIDS Month.  This was the perfect time for all his listeners to see how real and close to home the AIDS epidemic is.  The video’s release was extremely successful, gaining over 15,000 views in just one week and being viewed in countries as far as Russia, The United Kingdom, South Korea and Ireland.

After releasing such a mature track like “Intuition”, Denzil officially changed his rap alias from Young Flame to his full given name, Denzil Porter.  As Denzil grew older and more mature, so did his music.  He felt Denzil Porter embodied his new lyrical style a lot more than Young Flame.  Though Denzil now goes by his birth name, people will always know him as a young, talented hip-hop artist who’s flame will never die out.

Denzil Porter is currently working on his newest project, Home Made Music, scheduled to be released this Thanksgiving.  The videos to his first two singles off the mixtape, “Haymaker” and “Kanye West” have been featured all over the internet, with “Kanye West” gaining over 20,000 views in just one week.  Denzil Porter only leaves listeners wanting more and waiting in anticipation for his next move.



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