Independent Spotlight: Reece Madlisa

Reece Madlisa has created a name for himself in the music industry at such a young age.

Amid the success of his new song Sithi Sithi, he has become a musical sensation. The song

exceeded 2 million streams and achieved gold status in March. Reece Madlisa is his real name.

He uses the same name on stage as well as on all of his social media accounts. Reece holds South

African nationality. He currently resides in Alexandra, Gauteng, South Africa. Reece produces

his songs under the record label Black is Brown ENT and Prime Hold Consulting. His genres are

dance and electronic. He was featured on many artists’ songs previously. However, he released

his own album Ama Roto in 2020. Two of his tracks from the album made it to the top 2 on the

charts of South Africa in October last year. Madlisa’s net worth as of 2021 is $25.8k, as claimed


Reece Madlisa is active on Instagram under the user handle @reecemadlisa09.The

vocalist has amassed 244k followers on the platform (as of April 8, 2021). He updates his fans

about his songs, achievements, and concerts through his Instagram posts. He is adored by his

followers as the comment section is full of praises. Reece seems to be pretty close to his fans,

and he can be seen performing many small room concerts on his Instagram posts. He has

featured a link to his official music channels on his Instagram bio.

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