Independent Spotlight: DBN Gogo

DBN Gogo is a multi-talented young woman who has taken the South African music

scene by storm. She is a musician, music producer, and professional dick jockey best known for

Lockdown House Party on Channel O. She comes from a well-known family that has supported

her music career. Although she’s only been deejaying for a few years and is a relative newcomer

to the business. It’s something she’s wanted to do for a long time, according to her. She’s also

described herself as “a really musical person” who used to “play the piano, sing, and dance.” She

said that the only thing she didn’t do was DJ, but that “it sort of found me.” She is well-known

for performing a variety of House music. Her musical approach has been affected

by the many areas she has lived, she has acknowledged. Her most popular song is a collaboration

with Sgubu, Dinho, Malindi & Kbrizy on a song called Shuffle Muzik which reached 2 million

views on Youtube.

Gogo has quickly established herself as one of Mzansi’s most sought-after DJs in less

than a year. She’s known for her high-energy sets and performances, which set her apart from

other DJs. Most DJ’s are usually males and are easily welcomed into this occupation. For

females it’s another story. Roughly around 10 percent of DJs are female, and they are confronted

with a range of personal and social obstacles in acquiring relevant know-how in essential social

networks to build a successful DJ career. Also most audiences would rather go to a club or party

with a male DJ opposed to a female one. Gogo is overcoming obstacles and social norms by just

being her fun self and audiences are loving her.

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