Center Stage: Nav

By Ambrosio Sanchez

            Navraj Singh Goraya also known as Nav is a Canadian rapper making strides with his music. Nav was born in Toronto, Canada; home to legendary artists like Drake and The Weeknd. Nav first stepped up into the scene in 2015 when he helped produce Drake’s single “Back to Back”. 

This propelled Nav into the spotlight and made him into a household name. He released his debut mixtape titled “Perfect Timing” in 2017 and his album “Reckless” in 2018.  The album had features by Quavo, Travis Scott, and Lil Uzi Vert. This helped the album debut at number 8 in the Billboard 200. However, Nav’s wasn’t to proud of the album, his pride and joy came from his album “Bad Habits” which he released in 2019. The album debuted number one in the Billboard 200. The album received praises all of the industry including legendary artist Nas which re-posted the album cover online. Nav gave credit where credit was due, admitting that The Weeknd was actively involved in the album Recently, Nav released his track “Turks” which was incredibly successful. The song reached number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100.However, through the success Nav doesn’t forget about his culture and his background. Born in Canada but his parents are from Punjab, India. When he was asked about what that means to him as a rapper and a Punjabi he said “It was more of a challenge before; I feel like I broke through now. It’s cool to be an Indian rapper, but it’s a challenge and a responsibility, too, because you have to represent everything the right way. You can’t f— it up for everybody. There’s a lot of pressure on my shoulders people don’t really think about or appreciate. My people especially, they don’t understand how deep this is — how much it takes, how much I have to think before I do something. I have to think 30 times before I do or say anything because I’m representing a whole race to the world in hip-hop, which is crazy

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