Diddy – GIN

Check out the latest single “Diddy” off the Spiritual Bars Album by GIN. The beat is a throwback 90s beat with positive lyrics. The video was shot in Dubai, United Arab Emirates directed by Bone Productions.


Here are the lyrics:

I’m going while the gettins good
While the attention spans gets redirected
Plans and I can bless the hood
Now a days we misunderstood
If we could live somewhere else we would
And I believe we should
Cause our destiny is manifested
With a thought process trained to battle sets with
Now having prides to have a death wish
Stay silent or violent the games pimp hands are ambidextrous
So I focus on a change in me
With hopes that people follow my lead can breathe the way I breathe
You got what it takes to achieve greatness
Focus and versatility sprinkle in a little patience
Now you got the formula to success
Treat it like every breath, believe like it’s your quest
Mean it like it’s a threat and follow thru
Cuz the only one to stop it is you so keep working for it

The world spins at 33 rpms
Once the revolution begins we all win
The World spins at 45 fasho
I gotta get mines so trust you gotta get yours

I get down to better me, better us to better feats
And I’m sorry if you disagree
But my plans to move your feet with a message
Deliver what’s expected
And I stand by intentions
To pass of the optimism
With lots of wisdom
And God’s vision
To Elevate my stock decisions
Cuz the world works universally
Expose the system cuz we’re owed more than purjeries
For our world leaders
Belief is the sign of achievement
And respect is the meaning
No neglect for a reason cuz we’re expected to rise
The youth on all sides depends on our drive
So lift it up high and make it worthy to fight for
Get yours cuz that’s what we grab the mic for
It don’t matter who claims who got the right form
As long as the message fuels the right storm

The world spins at 33 rpms
Once the revolution begins we all win
The World spins at 45 fasho
I gotta get mines so trust you gotta get yours

Copyright 2019 & 2018

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