Be Free – GIN

Check out the video for Be Free by GIN which is the first song on her album Spiritual Bars. The video was shot in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates and directed by Bone Productions.



Here are the lyrics:


Verse 1

Payday so Far Away

Its Like I’m Stuck in a Longer Day

Bill Murray Messing with the Ground hog

Trying to Get My Sound Off Right

And Be A Part of Change

Man I’m Serious Trying to Make a Difference

While Crabs in the Barrel Acting Like Co-Dependents

I Don’t Get Why Your So Defensive

Don’t Sign on the Contract with the wrong intentions

Now Your Messing with my paper chase

Like Your Actions are all Hater base

When we’re all set to make a profit

Its Nonsense Why your changing just to save your space

We were cool just a week ago

But I still can’t believe yo

So I choose to let the speakers blow and focus on my music

And use it to reach my goals


Cause We….We Need… We Need…To Be Free

Cause We…. We Need…We Need.. To Be Free

The Music Is Real. The Music Is Real

Verse 2

Cause Support Is What I am asking For

Maybe a little Trust if I can ask for more

I’m just trying to feast and be at peace

Cause negativity is just something that I can’t ignore

All I know is if you dream it and believe it

Then you can achieve it Just Treat it Like Your Breathing

All that matters is where you want to be

Ignore the gathering of the wannabe’s

So get your gloves on and break thru the boundaries

Fight the good fight and make it astounding

Be realistic not faker than fiction

Drive with your gift while raising the pistons

Basking the glory cause victory is within reach

Avoid the mistakes cause history will then teach

The wise learn from others and not from themselves

So Do the Best that you can with the cards you were dealt

Lets Go!


Copyright 2019 & 2018

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