Welcome to Miami


Recently, I had the opportunity to have a 13 hour layover in Miami, Florida on my way back from the Carribean.  And since it was my first time I decided to get a room in South Beach to place my things. From there I grabbed dinner at Havana 1957 Cuban Restaurant on Espanola Way. Had some awesome lechon with yucca.  Then I stumbled upon the dive bar Kill Your Idol. Where ladies get 6 free drinks!! Yes Ladies Night every night at Kill Your Idol. Where there is a life size Bruce Lee that protects the bar. The music format was a mix of 80s with Indie, but next door is the sister bar Last Weekend. Where there was dope crowd and the DJ was bumping no other than classics from Mobb Deep as the recent passing of Prodigy. I met this dope emcee/screenwriter/skateboard MC Akward Strange aka Suavecito aka Blanquito Loco. Cuban and Jewish originally from the west coast of San Francisco California who recently moved to Miami to pursue his career in screenwriting. Anyhow, me and suavecito really hit it off. From there we went to Club Mangoes which is on the South Beach Strip of Ocean Drive. Mangoes is a really cute club, filled with tourists and the DJ was playing a mixture of pop and spanish music. Then we checked out the Voodoo Lounge Rooftop where they  were bumping the likes of Future, etc. From there my suavecito decided to that we should get tacos. So we went to Bodegas which is off Washington where they had some bomb tacos and if you walk through the potter potty door it leads you to a whole new club. This club Bodegas was bumpin that real hiphop. More Mobb Deep, ODB, and Some West Coast Funk Warren G. Shout out to DJ Miner who was rippin’ it. By the time the club was over it was time to head back to my room to shower and get ready to board the plane back to LA. So that’s you live it up in Miami for 13 hours.

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