Independent Spotlight: Deniro Farrar


By Joshua Cubillo

Deniro Farrar is an underground hip-hop artist from Charlotte, North Carolina. Farrar has been called the leader of Cult Rap, because of his cult fan base that he has been able to cultivate. He has also been praised for his work with some of the most progressive young producers today like Lunice and Ryan Hemsworth.

Farrar dropped his release his debut mixtape in 2010 titled, “Feel This.” Then went on to release “Destiny Altered” in early 2012 and later that year he released a collaborative album with Shady Blaze titled, “Kill or be Killed.”

With all the success from his mixtapes and albums he has grown a cult fan base that supports him wherever he goes. Farrar has been making waves in the underground rap world for some time now, and his time to hit mainstream maybe closer than people think.

In an interview with BET in 2014 Farrar stated that “the formula for commercial music is dead.” In the interview he elaborated by saying, “Cult music is just music with substance that plays on people’s emotions. I don’t really glorify the flamboyant s**t that most people do, and it’s like if people are gonna judge me for that then you gotta judge any rapper with substance at that point.”

Facebook: Deniro Farrar

Twitter: Leader of #CultRap



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