R-Mean: Independent Spotlight


Written by Marco Negrete


Dr. Armin Hariri or better known as R-Mean is an American-Armenian hip-hop, songwriter from Los Angeles, California. R-Mean moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands at a young age. At the age of 14 he realized his talent in writing and rapping. R-Mean obtained a Doctorate of Pharmacy and is able to speak multiple languages.


At the Age of 14 R- Mean met producer Blind together they found Pentagon Records. At the age of 18 R-Mean decided to move back to Los Angeles to pursue his music career. R-Mean official started his musical career in 2005.


In 2005 R-Mean released his first album “Broken Water” with the song “Open Wounds” which was dedicated to build awareness and gain recognition of the Armenian Genocide. R-Mean popularity grew as he was featured on drops on Power 106. The song “Call Me” was played on 93.5 KDay on Tha Goodfellas show ‘Hate it or Love it’ and 95% of the audience loved it.


In 2015 R-Mean released “7 Deadly Sins” which featured a song with The Game called “Lost Angels.” The album also featured a song with artist Crooked I and King Los called “Jurassic Park.”  R-Mean is a very talented artist make sure to check him out on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.









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