Trump Wins U.S. Presidency: Center Stage



Written by Marco Negrete


In probably one of the most shocking results in the modern political history, Republican nominee Donald Trump defeated Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on Tuesdays presidential election. Before Tuesday results Clinton was a favorite to win the election according to majority of the major media outlets.


Trump who was outspend by Clinton 3 to 1 in campaign ads and still was capable of beating out Clinton for the presidency. By the end of Tuesday night Trump ended up with 290 electoral votes to Clinton’s 228 electoral votes.  The night did not being as expected for Clinton when states who usually vote in favor of Democrat’s started turning red.


Swing states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin who have voted Democrat during Obama’s run to presidency voted in favor of Trump. This election was a clear demonstration of the disconnection between the American people have with politicians. Congratulations to Donald Trump in becoming the United States 45th president.

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