Janelle Monae: Center Stage

janelle monae.jpg

Written by Marco Negrete


Janelle Monae is a talented artist who has been nominated for many awards and won her fair share as well. A musical career that began in 2003, Janelle has enjoyed a successful 13-year musical career. Other than music, Janelle is also a very active in the community.


Janelle Monae had been an advocate for people to be themselves and not follow the crowd. This is something that she has gone through in her career when people judged her choice of clothing. Janelle could careless of what others say about her taste of clothes. Janelle has been an influential figure for women who want too breakaway from the stereotype that women go through.   


 Janelle has also has begun to speak out on issues involving social justice. She has attended rallies in support of the cause. Janelle has used her platform to send positive messages in the hopes that the situation would change in the future.



Janelle was awarded the inaugural 2014 Award for Achievement in Arts and Media by the Harvard College Women’s Center and was also recognized as the 2014 Woman of the Year by the Black Men’s Forum at their 20th annual Celebration of Black Women Gala. If you are not a fan of Janelle Monae yet, you will be.










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