Jaden Smith and Time Magazine

jaden smith.jpg


Written by Marco Negrete


Will’s and Jada’s son Jaden Smith has been declared one of the 30 most influential teenagers this week by TIME Magazine. Jaden is no stranger to the spotlight since his father Will and mother Jada are both successful actors. Putting that aside this acknowledgement is all due to what Jaden has done.


The 18-year-old has over the years built his own brand by his contribution in music and in acting. Lately, Jaden has been most notice for his rebellious attitude towards mainstream culture. Jaden’s positive messages have influenced many teenagers to accept themselves the way they are and not be pressured by mainstream culture.


Jaden has also begun his MSFTSrep clothing line and arts collective. The purpose was to help young people express themselves freely without gender constraints. He has been seen wearing a skirt in a Louis Vuitton ad campaign.


In such a young age Jaden has used his platform to make positive contributions. Hopefully he continues this inspirational path. Jaden is deserved of this honor.









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