#DD63 Dear Derrick


Perspective leads to vision and vision leads to escape and from there on you acquire another perspective, and so the cycle goes…But they are hoes and fauxs (foes)…Their cycle is vertigo. – Dear Derrick

On April 20, 1986 Michael Jordan scored 63 points vs. the Boston Celtics. The metaphor behind this whole portfolio style project is that although Michael scored those record setting points, the Chicago Bulls lost that game. Michael had just gotten off of sitting on the bench to deliver a stellar performance. For me (Dear Derrick) it’s the same having been able to make and record music for a decade whether known or unknown Dear Derrick “Couture Ink” as a creative has made a mark in my community Brownsville Brooklyn, New York.

Derrick B. Harden, also known as ‘Dear Derrick’, the first Art Curator and Rapper out of Brooklyn, New York, released his second retail EP, “DD63” on January 25, 2016. “DD63” consists of 6 song EP that will be for sale and 57 complimentary tracks pulled from his infamous art conceptual musical projects: “Hollywood Murder”; “Mortuary Science”; “The Funeral”; “Renaissance Era Volume 1”; “60 Minutes in New York: Renaissance Era Volume 2”; “The Art of Nothing”; “Xmas in The Summer”; “Born 4 Porn” and “.5kg”.

After releasing “The Jamie project” in 2014, an EP dedicated to the “gangsterism’ tale of when a thug falls in love, Dear Derrick took time to reflect and appreciate his body of work by assembling his most cherished tracks available all in one place, “DD63”.

#DD63 EP is 6 songs available on iTunes and 57 songs of Dear Derrick‘s past recordings.


LINK TO LISTEN TO 57 SONGS: https://soundcloud.com/onlypopcorn/sets/dd63 

LINK TO #DD63 EP: http://tidal.com/album/56735035

SIMPLE THINGS VIDEO: https://youtu.be/u0Lx9PaT38w

Twitter @dearderrick_bk

Instagram @VanityandPoison & @dearderrick_bk

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