Center Spotlight: Horseshoe G.A.N.G


By Yesenia Urena

Demetrius, Julius, Kenny and Andrew “Dice”, from Long Beach, California, are the 4 members of Horseshoe Gang, and biological brothers. They are best known for their affiliation with KXNG Crooked, their older brother, and the Circle Of Bosses. Some may say that they are being looked to as the new saviors of true West Cost rap.


Their first album “Gangsta MC” was released in November of 2009, and it was well received in the underground Hip-Hop community. Their second album didn’t release until 2011, this was also well-received and more group versatility in this album. After the release of their second album a weekly series titled “Horseshoe Weekly” where they had weekly hip-hop releases. They also had a successful EP released in 2012 titled “#True Story”


In 2015, a dissing rap battle with Hopsin began. Horseshoe Gang took through the first shot with ““Half A Meal”, dissing Funk Volume. Hopsin and Funk Volume fired back three days later with the track “Free Meal” and challenging them $500K in a rap battle. Later, Jarren Benton, a signed artist of Funk Volume, said this wasn’t “real beef” saying that it was all in fun.


The Horseshoe Gang just got back from their 50 State Tour, where they opened up for Rittz and our now promoting their upcoming album “Anti Trap Music” set to be released on April 29, 2016.


Their album “Anti Trap Music” is available for pre-order, be sure to check it out.



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