Center Stage: The Biggest Comeback In The Reggaeton World, Nicky Jam


By Yesenia Urena

Reggaeton is an urban form of music with a fusion of Jamaican and Latin American influence rhythms, a blend of dancehall, hip-hop, and electric beats. a genre shaped and made known in Puerto Rico. Reggaeton has accomplished something that other Latin Amercian music have not accomplished. It has swept its way into the world and the hip-hop channel. Nicky Jam is currently one of Reggaeton biggest artist, winning his first Latin Grammy in 2015 for Best Urban Performance.


Born as Nick Rivera Caminero in Lawrence, Massachusetts but moved to Puerto Rico at the age of 10. He was discovered in 1994, at the age of 14, free styling as he bagged groceries, by a customer. He signed a record deal and released his rap and reggae debut album “Distinto a los Demas”. He was the opening act for big singers like Daddy Yankee, who many know him for his hit “Gasolina”. Nicky looked up to Daddy Yankee, and tried to follow his footsteps, they help make reggaeton popular. He was on his way to the top but developed a drug problem. Depressed, overweight and with bad habits, he quit recording in 2004.


At the lowest point of his life he discovered that he could sing, he had been a rapper his entire life, and realized he still had so much more to show the world and that’s when he decided to make a come back. In 2007, he moved to Colombia, no more drugs and alcohol, and got back to work. By 2014, he made a global breakthrough, a great comeback. In 2015, he released his single with Spanish and English singer, Enrique Iglesias, title “El Perdon” but also releasing it in English, “Forgiveness”. Now, Nicky Jam is a Grammy winner, tour throughout Europe, currently touring in the United States, so far 6 out of 6 sold out dates. This is the biggest comeback in the reggaeton world, and more is yet to come from Nicky Jam.




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