Center Stage: The 2016 Academy Awards


By: Yesenia Urena

The 88th Academy Award has been the most talked about. After announcing all the nominees, many began to call the Academy Awards “The White Oscars”, and using the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite. In this year nominations, the academy failed to recognize any minority actors, for the second year in a row, leading to some of Hollywood’s greatest decision not to attend the Oscars like Spike Lee, one of the greatest producers, writers, and director. The talks and surprises continued after all the winners were announced.


One that came to no surprise was Leonardo DiCaprio’s, who has long-awaited, wins the Best Actor for his work in the film “The Revenant”. Though, “The Revenant” also took home Best Direct and Best Cinematographer, they weren’t the nights biggest winners. The one that stole the show was “Mad Max: Fury Road”, picking up more awards than any other film, taking home 6 awards. This was a surprise because many predicted that “The Revenant” would be the biggest winner after receiving 12 nominations. When it comes to the Oscars there’s no predictions, let see what they give us to talk about the 89th Academy Awards.





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