Center Stage: Kendrick Lamar



 By: Rachel W.

Kendrick Lamar has become a hip hop icon. He started out rapping as a teenager in Compton, California with mixtapes and his fame began in 2012 with his hit singles “Swimming Pools” and “Poetic Justice”. Both of those songs made Kendrick Lamar heard worldwide and not just in Southern California.


His music sends out a positive message and throughout all the fame he never forgets where he came from. Compton is a huge part of Kendrick’s life and he is always giving back to the community and in the music video “Alright”, he films in Compton with other locals. The mayor of Compton recently recognized Kendrick and he received the key to the city.


Kendrick did what most artists cannot do. He released an album unannounced and with no marketing or promotions. March 4, 2016 his album untitled unmastered was released and has eights tracks that are not titled, they just have dates on them. This album was immediately released on Spotify and is already being played on the radio. He just had such a successful night at the Grammy’s less than a month ago and then surprised his fans with dropping this album. At the Grammy’s he had an amazing performance as well as had 11 nominations and won 5 awards. He has become a hip hop sensation and this is just the beginning for this 28 year old.


Check out Kendrick Lamar:

Official Website:




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