Independent Spotlight: West Coast meets East Coast


statik king

By Yesenia Urena

What happens when West Coast meets East Coast? We get STATIK KXNG, the hottest collaboration. Long Beach Emcee, KXNG Crooked (formerly known as Crooked I), and Massachusetts beat maker DJ, Statik Selektah teamed up to work on one of the hottest album, STATIK KXNG. The album dropped on February 12th available for digital purchase on iTunes, and free streaming via Spotify.


The LP contains ten tracks, including the singles “Dead Or In Jail” and “I Hear Voice”. Statik. The LP does feature some guest, Termanology, also a Massachusetts-native who’s collaborated with Statik Selektah on two previous EP’s, and Jessica Quintero, a singer and songwriter.


In this album Crooked touches on a more socially critical subject. He also calls out some of today’s popular artist, strips his critics, and raps about the struggles of poverty and surviving. This project brings the best part both lyrically and production, and giving it an old school Hip-Hop feel. With a mix of insane flows and intricate beats, they’ve created a record that is the pure and full essence of Hip-Hop.




Watch “I Hear Voices” from Statik Selektah & KXNG Crooked’s new album “STATIK KXNG.”i

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