By Cierra New

Chi King started as a DJ at the early age of 15, now you can find him working on his clothing line, making films, or working on his new album, The Art of Peace. As a young Puerto Rican Dominican who grew up on the streets of New York, he has definitely come to make a name for himself. As the founder of Loud America Multi Media and Hip Hop Skate Life, King definitely has his hands full. He also just dropped a new music video for his single, “Let it Mold You”. King’s lyrics and style are similar to something you might find out of a skateboarding DVD or video game.

He has been dedicated to hip-hop for a long time and with the help of Prodigal Sunn and 12 O’clock, King has been featured on many Wu-Tang mix tapes. As a kid who grew up without a traditional family, hip-hop became his family and he quickly made a name for himself touring with acts like Rampage, Killa Preist, Prodigal Sunn, Warheadz and many more. With a strong love for hip-hop, King wants to bring hip-hop back to its roots when songs had meaning and substance. He believes in a strong message and uses his music as a vessel to talk about important issues.

Look out for King’s new album, set to drop next year and check out his new video for “Let it Mold You”,

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