bruse wane

By Cierra New

Bruse Wane, founder of Wane Enterprise Entertainment, just released his new album, Earl Manigault of Rap, featuring New York rap legends, Sean Price and Big Pun’s son, Chris Rivers. With the recent passing of his mentor and friend, Sean Price, Wane’s new album showcases one of Price’s last recorded tracks on “Beast Inside”. Listening to Wane’s latest single, “Venom”, it is clear why Price wanted to work with Wane, as he brings a consistent, steady flow through the entirety of his verses. He continues his homage to 90’s hip-hop with a calm and collected flow that doesn’t lack a punch.

In November of 2008, Wane returned to the rap game with his release of The Dark Knight EP- Return to Hip-Hop’s Golden Era. Wane decided to come back to the rap game with a mission of bringing back the ‘golden era’ of hip-hop. His hit album featured “That aint Hip-Hop” and “Dun Da Lye”. This album was both influenced by and featured rapper, Fam-IIy.
Although Wane was born in Jamaica, he eventually moved to New York, where he began his rap career in the Bronx. Soon after, Wane worked in managing and promoting. He worked with artists such as Styles P, Keith Murray, Papoose, and many more. At this time, he changed his then name “True” to Bruse Wane. Wane used this name as a play on the popular fictional character from DC Comics, Batman. Using batman as his moniker, it was a clever way for Wane to use a popularly referenced identity and alter it as his own.

Check out Buse Wane’s new album and learn more:
Official Website:

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