dj scend

By Stephany Gonzalez

Introducing DJ, producer, engineer, and Host of “The Hip Hop Project” (88.7 FM) DJ Scend!
Stephan “Scend” Steciw is a Chicago native who has always had a strong passion for music. At the age of 5, Steciw made the decision in learning how to play the piano and by the age of 10, mastered playing the guitar. DJ Scend’s musical influences involve his father, who played a big role in the passion he has for his career. Attending Hip Hop shows, DJ Scend was inspired by the atmosphere and how much the audience was controlled by the music and how the DJ plays a major part in doing so. By the age of 18, DJ Scend understood his ability to blend music of all genres and owned a set of his own turntables. In 2007, DJ Scend began landing resident spots at clubs, bars, and any other place that welcomes the artist, showing the crowd the potential he had as a DJ. Three years later, DJ Scend met with Moleman Records recording artist, Scheme who later offered Scend to be his personal and full-time DJ. Since then, DJ Scend opened for artists such as Yelawolf, Freddie Gibbs, Raekwon, and many more!

In Dj Scends Facebook “About me,” it is stated that:
“Scend’s work is a full display of his passion for music and as he constantly looks for ways to perfect his craft his passion and talent grow. His determination to bring quality music to the forefront of the industry is apparent in every project he gets involved with and it’s no question we’re nowhere near hearing the last of Scend and his team.”

This is just the beginning of DJ Scend’s music career; he definitely has a bright future ahead of him!

Make sure to check out DJ Scend’s music in the following links:
Official Website:
Instagram: DJSCEND

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