CENTER STAGE: A dance program at Concord High School has been successful at giving teens a promising future in dance


By: Stephany Gonzalez

The Concords’ best dance crew that has been grabbing people’s attention Is making news around the media and television to the point of having officers understand how teens think.

All the teens involve in the group were once facing troubling circumstances and at risk challenges. Teens today have to face many temptations whether its initiating in a gang, experimenting with drugs, and going down the wrong path. These teens turned their life around to take part in this Hip Hop group.

The students took the opportunity in seating down with police officers giving their perception about one another in a professional way.

“Just talking to all these officers, I don’t know, in giving my perspective, just made me feel like very comfortable. Like they actually, like reaching out to us, you know, asking how they approach us teenagers right now. For us teens giving them information, it might help them out in the long run,” said student, David Garcia.

“It gives the officer more about how we teens truly are. So, it was just like a share of power like now we know how they feel, but we give them more information about whatever,” Shimy Sar said.

It is a new step of closure as cps and people come together with Hip-Hop music.

Music such as Hip Hop music bring people together in a way to help understand one another more than just a simple conversation and it’s refresing to see cops and students have a conversation about this topic!

Two of Concord’s Best Dance Crew members earn spots in Tremaine National Performance Program


The Concord Dance club is open to any High School student that wants to take the opportunity in joining.

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