By: Stephany Gonzalez

Introducing indie hip-hop & electronic musician Sahab. This musician has so much passion when it comes to his craft in producing his own tracks, writing his own lyrics, and delivering his own performance experiences. In Anthony Taylor’s words, “He mesmerizes energizes and intoxicates audiences who walk away knowing exactly who Sahab is: an artist with the guts and undeniable need to leave himself bare to his music and anyone else who will listen.” Sahab was born to Iranian parents and has spent most of his childhood life traveling around the United States. “This cultural mix is surely an important ingredient for his music. Scarecrow offers and intriguing mélange of electro dance, hip-hop and pop elements.” What makes Sahab stand out from any other indie dream pop, and electronic genre is that this is completely different than what we hear on the radio. His songs will have any listener go into deep thoughts in such a relaxing way; escaping reality and travel into a different dimension with how powerful his tracks are. Sahab has so much to offer and this is just the start of his success winning Artist of the year 2014 #Ozmosis Sahab was born and raised in Fresno, earning a strong support system by his followers and continues to capture other peoples attention through social media. Follow Sahib’s music journey and download his FREE copy of Sahib’s latest release “Epic Space Opera” Now!

Check out his other music in the following links as well:

Official Website:


YouTube link:


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