Independent Spotlight: Mayde

mayde 1Written By: Stephany Gonzalez

Introducing hip-hop artist MAYDE, who has just released his official track list MagnaCumLaude EP!  “It’s been a long, crazy road, but I’m truly blessed to be able to share my music with the world.”  MAYDE, formerly known as NautilusMC, has had a passion for music most of his life. When it comes down to music, this artist has had a diverse background such as: growing up in the Northwest state of Washington and being influenced by artist such as New York’s Hip Hop group Wu-Tang clan who helped built his imagery of Hip Hop.  With MAYDE’S new project Magna Cum Laude EP, he touches base on his personal struggles in balancing trying to live his dream as well as pursuing the white picket fence path.  What makes MAYDE different from other hip-hop artists is that he goes against the norm with various uplifting messages such as challenging the education system.  MAYDE has also released a new music video from his latest track list “I Need More.”  In MAYDE’s personal words, “it’s been a long road working on this project and a ton of hard work went into this one…but is now complete and ready for the world to see.” This track list features an impressive display of mood inspiring, characterized tracks, and notable production credits. Be sure to download or stream MAYDE’S #MagnaCumLaude EP available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

Made moves, made changes, made mistakes, made progress, now… a MAYDE man.”

mayde 2

Also make sure to check out Mayde formerly NautilusMC, Visionz of a Dreamer track 14 off the GSBookings Mixtape which is a free download on Soundcloud:

gsbookings track listing  Back Cover

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