Independent Spotlight: Mel Supreme

mel supremeWritten By Peter Huyhn

Mel Supreme was born and raised in Corona Queens, New York. Like many other singers, or songwriters, Mel found his love for music at a very young age. Mel’s parents inspired him and shaped the person he is today. They taught, and guided young Mel every first steps of life. Mel wrote his first hip-hop verse at 16 years old.

He started a home studio that was initially meant for his own use. However, his quality was at a level where people wanted to pay to record in his studio. His own studio is his networking as he met with other artists. For show business, making connection is always a priority because who knows one day you would cooperate with that connection, or someone could help you elaborate in your career.

Mel writes his music based on his feeling at an exact moment so he doesn’t really need to “write” the piece. The words just come to him naturally as he feels it and put them together. Mel explains he never try to put down something if he does not feel it. For this reason, he has not used a paper or notebook in 7 years since he started. Every time, the music comes to him, he goes straight to the studio to record it.

Mel does not perform on stage a lot. He is using that time to work on his creative work. Who doesn’t want to get big and be in the mainstream? However, Mel plans to take it slowly, and uses his music to touch as many people as he can. With such confidence, he believes in his music. It is just a matter of time that people will get to know him and his music.

Mel Supreme sings his own pieces as he writes, records, mixes, and much more. In other words, he does everything himself. He said that it is not because he wants to cut middle men out and make most of the profit. He loves to be creative. He’s rather do every part of the project himself to make its his way other than hire a bunch of people, then ought to put every piece together. Mel just released his debut single “Voices” last Friday as well as his E.P. “Skill Over Politics”. Make sure you check them out at

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