Drake and Future: What a Time To Be Alive

drake and futureWritten By: Stephany Gonzalez

What a Time To be Alive

Drake and Future did it again making a surprise album “What a time to be a live” in just six days, hitting #1 on the billboard 200 chart. Drake and Future’s album was released Sunday, Sept. 20 selling over 375,000 album units in the first week. Drake and Future are also the first Hip-Hop artist since Jay Z in 2004 to hit two No.1 albums in a 12-month period with Drake’s “If You’re Reading This Its Too Late” and Future’s “DS2.”            Drake and Future have had a long history of music, friendship, and a rocky patch. The duo began their collaboration with “Tony Montana.”  Controversy began over this music video because Drake did not show up in Future’s video calling it a “slap in the face.” Future was also close to suing Drake $1.5 million for kicking him off his tour because of misinterpreted words that were said about Drake in an interview.  Thankfully, the two artists squashed their beef and built their friendship again with music.   There is no questioning that Future is on Drake’s side by also dissing his arch nemesis Meek Mill in their song “Big Rings.”  This album has been the hottest topic in Hip Hop news and with surprises pulled up their sleeve when it comes to music, who knows what these next two titans will do next!

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