Center Stage: Interesting Faces in American Horror Story: Hotel


Written by Peter Huyhn

American Horror Story has been a hit for a while. Like any other shows, American Horror Story has been making stars such as Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Lily Rabe, Taissa Farmiga, Zachary Quinto, and many more. The most interesting trait of this franchise is every season the producers try to bring on new faces to the show. They have special guest actors such as Stevie Nicks, Patti LaBelle, Adam Levine, and Lady Gaga in this fifth season.


It is a great surprise for American Horror Story’s fans and Lady Gaga’s fans knowing the female singer will have “a pure acting part” of the show. So not like other fellow singers who just had a very small part in the show, Gaga will appear as a main character with an important role that has a lot of relationships with other characters for the whole season.

It is surprising to know a famous singer like Gaga agreed to make such move. It could be a risk for her as people have known her being good at singing. Now she does something totally different. Well no one can deny how talented Gaga is as a singer, but it is another story as an actor. She has been well-known her unlikely costumes. But she proves that she can really sing. Remember at 87th Oscar, Gaga surprised audiences as well as her fans at the Dolby Theater with a tribute to The Sound of Music. Everybody was talking about her beautiful tribute and her vintage look at the Oscar 2015 the day after. She looked great and sounded great on stage. Now with American Horror Story: Hotel, it might hurt her fame as who knows if she can really act. However, I personally think she would be doing good and make an interesting part of the show. American Horror Story: Hotel premiers Wednesday, Oct. 7 on FX.

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