Independent Spotlight: “Divine Reflections” Mr.Palabra’s new playlist. Must-Listen

mr palabra

By Peter Huyhn

Mr. Palabra was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He described himself “half Guatemalan and half Mexican”, but “fully American”. Growing up in quite of a place like L.A., he is inspired by hip-hop music and decided to start his career as a hip-hop artist. He is a new face in the hip-hop industry since he’s started making music about a year in the process.

Mr.Palabra is aware of his new identity so he makes his purposes for music very clear. He wants to use music to spread out positive messages. He wants to encourage and uplift the world with his music. He is young, humble, and full of passion for hip-hop music. He knows that he is just a beginner so he is willing to work harder, and dedicate his time and energy to produce the best music as he possibly could.

Recently he released a new playlist called “Divine Reflections” on his personal web page. AS a young artist, his work is very straightforward as he promised to bring the bright and best side to his music. This playlist is full off songs with such positive energy and messages to help people relaxed and keeps believing in good things in this world. The playlist has five songs, includes “Rise”, “Identity”, “The Light”, “Original Conviction Remix”, and “Reflections”.

For more information about Mr. Palabra and his heart-warming music, check out:

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