Center Stage: “Straight outta Compton” is still a hit for 2015


By Peter Huyhn

The movie Straight Outta Compton is still in the box office. Too bad, I personally have not watched it yet because of my tight schedule. This great movie is based on a real story of southern California hip-hop rap group N.W.A.

It is so cool to know the historical event happened just around our neighborhood. It is right at the heart of Compton where life is complicated and can be dangerous at certain points and time.

My fellow blogger also had a review before the movie released “N.W.A. Straight Outta Compton: Upcoming Film” by Blanca Connell. She is pretty much covered the storylines and the history of it. I will just focus on how much this movie has made. With the opening of $60.2 million, one of the greatest opener in August in the history, the movie continues to be on top of the box office for several weeks.

According to Box Offfice mojo, domestic total as of September 11 was 152,822,600. With foreign made of $18,736,062. Total of worldwide is $171,558,662. For a movie that was released at the end of summer, it was a success.

For hip-hop lovers and those who live around Compton. This is a must-watch movie. It covers a great historical event of a hip-hop group, and lots of performances to please your ears and eyes

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