Center Stage: Does Apple Make it this time? iPhone 6S and iPad Pro Release

iphone 6

Written by: Peter Huyhn

Apple released its newest iPhone 6S on 9/9/2015 at its annual launch event in San Francisco with many new features, and one more color to choose from. For iFans, this annual event is a must-watch to follow up news from their beloved Apple devices.

First thing first, Apple is well-known for its most favorite iPhone. This year, the company launched an update of iPhone 6 called iPhone 6S. The iPhone 6S design is not different with its previous iPhone 6 at all. They totally look the same from the outside, except Apple added a new color to the collection. New Rose Gold color is a hit for iFans, especially female iPhone lovers. This stunning color is absolutely a win-win just by its look.

iphone 6 rose

Putting iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S side by side, people can’t tell which is which since they have the same design. However, the insider update is the most amazing thing for the iPhone 6S.  The new iPhone has 12-megapixel camera which will not let its fan down for any reason since iFans know iPhone back camera always take the best pictured as the company promised. It can take 4K video, and the front camera is 5-megapixel Facetime HD. It means people can take better selfie pictures.

ipad pro

The second big thing at the Apple launch event is the new Ipad Pro. Extremely thin, light, and powerful device is what Apple says about this new iPad Pro. The design is not too different to the iPad Air 2. However, it is much bigger with a 12.9-inch Retina display. It is pretty much the same size with a laptop screen. Also comes with it is the Apple pencil and the Smart Keyboard. It seems like Apple wants to dominate the market place and takes back their customers from their competitors Microsoft Surface Pro and Samsung tablets. The best thing about Apple products beside their beautiful magnificent design is the world of wonderful apps that work just amazingly with the device. For people who love to drar, or art major, this new iPad Pro could be a very handy tool for them. By the way, it can be a great device to play music, games, and video streaming with such a big beautiful display.

So do you think Apple made it this time? Do you want to get the new iPhone 6S and iPad Pro? For me, it’s a yes for Apple did it again. However, I’m not ready to replace my iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 because I expected my iOS devices look different from my last ones. I probably wait until next year to see how Apple iPhone 7 looks like. I the meantime, if you like an update iOS devices, these new toys are absolutely worth the consideration.

You can preorder these new iOS devices begin on apple’s main website.

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