Southpaw Movie Review: Center Stage

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Southpaw is a movie of triumph, inspiration and definitely well worth watching every minute of this film. The movie starts with Billy Hope (Jake Gyllenhall) fighting a boxing match in Madison Square Gardens, New York. Along with his wife Maureen Hope (Rachel McAdams) supporting him as well as Jordan Mains (Rapper 50 Cent) who is his manager and other friends. Billy Hope wins the match and he is at the top of his career at 43-0. However, someone else Miguel Escobar (Miguel Gomez) is wanting his spot.

To start off, I really enjoyed the chemistry between Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel McAdams. In Southpaw they both met as Orphans from Hells Kitchen, New York and stood together ever since. They make a great on-screen couple and show off this undying cute love for each other. I also enjoy how Rachel McAdams executes this great confidence about her and I really feel this movie will help Rachel McAdams branch over into more really great movie roles. The role of Billy Hope was perfect for Jake Gyllenhaal. Jake Gyllenhaal is great actor and has came out in really good movies. Definitely an A-list actor. He should be nominated for an Academy Award for this role.

Initially the movie was written for Rapper Eminem to play. Eminem executive produced the Soundtrack for Southpaw which has tracks such as Phenomenal and also has a track from Shady Records Artist Slaughterhouse RNS.  Also Legendary James Horner did the music for this film. Who is notable for his many great works such as Titanic, Avatar, Land Before Time, etc.

Basically it shows Billy Hope at the top of his career with his wife, daughter living in a mansion and pushing fancy cars. Having parties with friends, etc.

However, a tragedy occurs and everything changes. There is a part in the movie where Miguel Escobar, says “I am going to take your bitch and then your title.” Which causes a horrible fight, but also shows the level of hatred and jealousy a man has over another man because of his career and wife. Unfortunately shortly after that Billy Hope’s life changes and loses everything. Literally.

Now Billy has to learn how to fight again in order to regain his career back and get custody for his daughter. Billy has to really humble himself and start over again by renting a room in New York and getting a job at the boxing gym, which is owned by Tick Wills (Forest Whitaker). At first Wills is hesitant about Billy, but Billy really tries hard to develop a working relationship with Wills. Wills becomes his trainer and helps Billy get back on his feet.

During this time Miguel Escobar ends up becoming the new Junior Welterweight Champion with the help of Billy’s former Manager 50 Cent. His former manager and most of his friends ditch him and go with the new champion since Billy is broke. One of the reasons why Billy becomes broke is because his manager ends up screwing him over by signing a 3 deal contract. Which the first fight didn’t go as well and causes him to lose money, house, cars, etc. This is something that Billy’s wife warned him about in the beginning of the movie. This movie really goes to show the business of boxing and how close associates such as managers can change and not be trusted.

While Billy is training, he is constantly checking up on his daughter Lelia Hope (Oona Laurence) who is now in Child Custody Services until Billy is able to prove he is a fit father. This is one of the last places he would expect to have his daughter in and tries really hard to establish father-daugher relationship with her. Lelia is going through her own problems and pushes her father away. The relationship between Lelia and Billy is heartbreaking and also tear jerking.

This motivates Billy to do better and want to fight again. He gets offered a charity boxing fight with the help of his new trainer Wills. Billy wins the fight and gets offered a chance to fight against Miguel Escobar per his former manager 50 cent. Billy does the training and daughter Lelia watches the fight from a T.V. screen at the event to support her father. Billy wins his title back against Miguel Escobar and is reunited again with his daughter. The movie is directed by Antoine Fuqua who directed Training Day and other good films.

This movie is awesome!! Because it shows how someone who has everything can lose everything because of someone’s jealousy and hate. The most important thing It shows how someone can win everything back with determination, hard work and faith. Anyone can relate to this film and on a spiritual level can help people become more thankful for what they have and continue fighting for their dreams.

All the actors did a great job. I highly recommend watching this movie and is one of the greatest films of 2015!!

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