Pandora Vs. Spotify

pandora vs spotify

Written By: Blanca Rendon-Connell

Pandora or Spotify?


You woke up and the only thing that can play in your head is your favorite song… You turn your gadget on. To Spotify or Pandora?


Although it’s a minor decision, it’s an important one. A song can totally define your mood for the day.


I noticed that I use and abuse Pandora and Spotify as my main apps to listen to music and also more and more people are tuning into these two. As a society we are moving from the old way of listening to music and it’s kind of amazing and fun. Technology is changing every day. Just a couple weeks ago I heard that Beyonce and Nikki Minag dropped a video and when I went to watch it on YouTube, they didn’t offer it yet. Then I looked at Beyonce’s feed on Instagram and she was promoting Tidal-“high fidelity music streaming”. A website in which the viewer can watch music videos, download music and it’s high fidelity and sound quality, but for a fee. Artist like Rhyanna, Beyonce and Jay Z are behind Tidal and in a big way, because they are securing their brand because more apps are playing their music and they are not getting paid for it all the time. But we the people love the word free. Let me start by stating that the most attractive thing of Pandora and Spotify is that they are both FREE. Well until they offer to get rid of the commercials by having you pay a small fee of 0.99 a month and snap, you can be committed.


I have discovered some reasons why we continue to use Pandora and Spotify. Check out below.


  • According to The Street, Spotify plays less advertising ads, which has helped the company rise in subscriptions. Pandora on the other hand plays more advertisements with fewer subscriptions.
  • Pandora allows you to create a station based on the artist you want to listen to, and the artist might not be in every song but this gives you a chance to listen to some different sounds. On the other hand Spotify can go back in time when you have the option of finding older records.
  • Spotify allows you to create your own station, in a way its cool but in another way, you’re only listening to what you know about. You have some options. If you like to explore then Pandora can be a better choice because of the random songs that play.
  • Spotify and Pandora do play tons of music, but sometimes Pandora can play the same songs over and over.
  • Pandora plays in the U.S alone and Spotify plays globally.
  • Both apps allow you to skip songs if you don’t like them. Pandora does offer you to thumbs up or down a song you like, helping you make your station more suited for you.

I enjoy music and these apps are the future. I will continue to use both, both offer different things and I get what I need in that moment. What do you use more Spotify or Pandora?

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