Classic Hip-Hop Summer Songs

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By Blanca Rendon-Connell

It feels like the day doesn’t have enough hours and time is flying. It was just yesterday when I was a high school student and that one song, “In da club” was my jam. It came out Summer 2003. I mention that because just the other day when I was driving down PCH and the sun was shinning, I got excited of just thinking Summer 2015 is around the corner. Boom, “In da club” comes on the radio and all of these nostalgic feelings came back. It’s crazy how a song can take you back in time and you remember exactly what you were doing and how you felt when you hear that song that can always make your head bump. I’m 5’2, pretty shy and a Jesus lover so I definitely don’t look like the type that listens to hip-hop. Truth is, I get the most strength from songs that are OG and to take it way back. Tupac is one artist that can always make me fill like a bad ass and although some of his songs don’t describe my style. It always feels fun to sing along to “I get around”. This Pac jam came out summer 1993, becoming his first top 20 single. It also made it to the US Billboard Hot 100 and it spent 25 weeks on the chart creeping into number 5 on the USA charts. It got certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. How can this song not be so many people’s jam even if they don’t “get around”? Pac definitely knew how to get the crowd going, and so many hip-hop artists have continued to make summer hits. I hope that your summer is one to remember, with so much new music is easy to not remember those hits that have encouraged current hits and summer hits to come. Check out my top Summer OG picks below.

50 Cent “In Da Club”

In da club is the perfect song to CELEBRATE. Enjoy and remember how dope it was when Eminem and Dre discovered 50 Cent.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince “Summertime”

These sweet and lay back lyrics make you want to enjoy a cold brew and BBQ with your friends. You don’t have to turn up but hang out and ENJOY.


2Pac “I Get Around”

Pac is straight grimmey, fun and teaches us how to handle this sticky situation.

Ice Cube- “It was a good day”

Ice Cube gives a lesson on how a thug handles his business.


Jay-Z & UGK “Big Pimpin”

Young Jay and his friends causing rockus, but off course a woman like Beyonce can transform a man into Big Pimpin to Putting a ring on it.


Nas & Lauryn Hill “If I Ruled The World”

This song empowers. Is classic because although time can pass, the same issues that these guys mention continue to rise and are people’s realities. That’s why we have to imagine what it means to rule the world, how can we make a better world. This, is real hip-hop.

Dove Shack- Summertime in the LBC

Classic Hip-Hop Summer song representing for Long Beach “LBC”

Nelly “Hot In Herre”

How cool did Nelly look with that band-aid across his face? This song just makes you want to get closer to someone and dance the night away.

What are your favorite jams? Feel free to share what you feel on our twitter page and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for the latest pictures of our artists.

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