Mayweather Vs. Pacquaio : Center Stage


Written By: Blanca Rendon-Connell

(May 3, 2015 MGM Hotel, Las Vegas, Nev)—.) I am in disbelief that the MayPac fight has come and passed. Prior to the fight, there was major hype coming from promoters, hotels, Pay-Per-View, social media channels but the most exciting of all mediums was word of mouth. People had been waiting for this fight for seven years. It was fun to hear why they hoped Pacquiao should win or why Mayweather should remain undefeated. Being in Las Vegas on the day of the fight wasn’t just a casual Vegas day.

People were representing their favorite boxer on their t-shirt’s. Others trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents were selling printed T’s with Manny’s or Floyds face on it. What was interesting was, that closer to the Bellagio, Paris. The T’s were sold for about $25. By the time you reached the MGM the T’s were sold for $5. As always the Vegas strip was full of their daily crazy routine, but this time the streets felt like the streets of New York.

People wanted to know who was going to the match, or where you were going to watch the fight. Some of the promoters told me that the minimum ticket cost between 1,500 and up. What’s crazy is that the fighters didn’t get the most money from the guys sitting in the front. They made their money from all the guys who ordered the fight from their living room party. It’s the little increments that add up.

Budlight Girl Bellagio Party

When I arrived to the Bud Light viewing party at the Bellagio. I noticed that majority of the crowd was on Pacquaio’s side. It didn’t matter what color of skin they had, they still called Mayweather unflattering names. They cheered Pacquaio when his face was shown and mention his humanitarian ways. I mean this guy has good rep. As the fight began a lot of the guys were booing Mayweather when he was getting annoyed he wasn’t winning all the rounds. Some guy yelled, “For once he’s worried”. From the little I know about boxing I could understand that maybe Mayweather should be worried and Pac was going to take that tittle. As the fight went on the crowd wasn’t as loud as they were when the fight began. Manny wasn’t getting hits in and people were getting stressed.

When Mayweather won. The party was completely quiet. For a girl who doesn’t know anything much boxing but does understand emotions, I noticed that this fight meant more than just a boxing match. People wanted to see the underdog take that tittle. Mayweather wasn’t only booed at the viewing party. People at the MGM weren’t all excited he won. After the fight some people were saying that they don’t like boxing and that the fight was boring. It was a good fight but that’s just what it ended up being… People carried on. It was a thing from the past. The lines for the club were packed. People kept gambling. The Vegas strip was once again full with a crowd.

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