Sapient – Independent Spotlight

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Written By: Lilia Esnayra

There are numerous artists that have captivated the ears and souls of many, but there is one artist who has managed to keep the hip-hop game fresh and original. Hip-hop artist Sapient first started his influence in Portland, Oregon. Sapient began his career as a graffiti and beat artist and later he developed into more compound dynamic of musical talent. The artist also branched off into graphic design, illustration and videography. The husband and father of three is not only the creator of his music, but also produces his own lyrical art as well. The indie artist manages to create lyrical genius while still juggling being a parent.

Sapient’s beats are indie influenced while incorporating samples, live instruments and heavy drums. This is what gives his music that compound feel. The artist was born into music and has played multiple instrument since as far back as he can remember. The northwestern hip hop artist has a very unique voice which makes him one of the leading indie hip hop artist in the industry. The artist has traveled all around the world and has been on the scene for the last ten years. Sapient tours frequently across the country spreading his name as an independent artist. He has spent the last third of his life mastering his career as an artist. He has a unique style of performance that is high energy and captivates his audience. “ Sapient is one of those artist who manages to sound unique and fresh“ –NYLON Magazine. You can catch Sapient on the GSBookings MixTape Vol. 1 which officially drops tomorrow  April 21, 2015 as a free download. Sapient continues to push the limits in the hip-hop world as well as being a committed father, we tip our hats to you Sapient, a true inspiration.

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