Chi-King – Independent Spotlight

Chi King

Written by: Carlos Reyes

Chi, meaning the energy of the soul, and king, as in born in Kings County in Brooklyn, come together to form an artist raised in the streets of Brooklyn. Chi-king has been in the music industry since the early age of 15. He is an MC, producer, manager, and song writer who has lived on his own since young and managed to find a way thru music to survive.

He debuted on Prodigal Sunns solo album The Return of the Prodigal Sunn. With the help of Prodigal Sunn and 12 O’Clock, he became feature in many of Wu-Tang’s projects like CD’s, mixtapes, and Pod Castes. He has also worked with Onyx and credits DJ Allah Mathematics for being the one who got him in the music industry. Since then, he has opened for countless artists including Ludacris, DMX, and Fat Joe.

Chi-King has been involved in various music productions including Wu-Tang Affiliates Mixtape hosted by Timbo King and The Dynasty Mixtape, which he produced himself. He is also the founder of Loud America Multi Media Inc. and HipHopSkateLife. His new project, called “The Art of Peace T.U.S.O.C.K.1.5”, is shaping to be a hit following the first mix-tape “The Untold Story of Chi King”. His new single “The Come Up” can be heard here. He has also been featured in Snoop Dogg’s Underground Heat, a top ten list of underground hip hop, at number 6 with his song “Dirt on the Industry”. Chi King will be going on a 30 city tour, starting July 4, 2015.

Chi-King wants his music to be the influence to all those who are lost, with no family, or those who are soul searching. Growing up with no mother or father, he is an artist wanting to heal the wounds of the world, one song at a time.

To learn more about Chi-King and his music, check out;

Chi-King is also a featured artist on GSBookings Mixtape Volume 1, which released Tuesday April 21rst

To learn more about Chi-King and his music, check out;

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