PAWZ ONE: Independent Spotlight

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Written by: Lilia Esnayra

Hip Hop artist Pawz One is a Los Angeles based rapper who was born in Compton, California. While growing up, the artist found a great passion in writing short stories as well as poetry. Eventually the rapper turned his passions into writing lyrics. The artist began his career by being a graff writer in which the name Pawz One evolved. Since then the name has stuck with him and he has gone on to become one of the realist artist in the game.

The talented artist began his hip hop dynamic lyrical game by freestyling at local parties battling against other MC’s, once he started he was hooked. Although Pawz enjoyed this, his real passion was to create music that people could really feel and relate too. The artist was inspired to make hip hop his life and began to practice on a daily basis as well as studied the game and the business thoroughly.

Since the beginning Pawz One has been a hip hop entrepreneur, his success has made him a role model to many. The artist has lead his career by being independent and backing his own campaigns. In 2014 the artist released an album titled “Face the Facts”, in which he felt was his most preeminent album. Pawz felt this album was the best music he had ever made from the production to the recording. He was able to work with legends such as Ras Kass, Rakka from Dilated Peoples and many more.

Pawz One prides himself on being a real true, straight from the heart artist, which is why he has such a loyal fan base. He claims that he wants his music to speak from a real person’s standpoint, he has made in the game by keeping true to fans and the music. He claims to not be an industry created puppet that sells a lifestyle that he doesn’t live.

You can find Pawz One’s music on the new GSBookings MixTape, the track “Mind Power” will be featured on the compilation  GSBookings MixTape Vol. 1 is set to be released April 21, 2015, check out Pawz One as well as many more artists.

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